ATC Not Receiving Communication


Hi all. I was spawned in at EDDF helping a friend with ATC.

I requested push back & replied “You’re welcome” when they said thank you, & the controller received nothing from me, despite the messages being sent my end.

I restarted the app & even deleted it and reinstalled, same issue. Wondered if this was happening to anyone else?

All servers green. I even swapped A/C, callsign & spawn but still nothing received by the controller.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Device: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Operating system: IOS 17


Are either of you using a VPN?


I was the ATC at EDDF at the time and no I didnt have a VPN on.

nope, never have when playing IF

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Can anyone help with this issue? Still happening

Have you tried restarting your device?

yes I have

It’s your phone… I have the same issue sadly

on the 15 Pro Max?

Yes, the 15PM has a lot of issues with wifi. I have issues with IF but also using other apps like YT or instagram where video’s random freeze or apps don’t even start at all… It’s been going around on Apple’s community, a lot of people are complaining about this issue yet no given solution has worked for me yet… Also Apple doesn’t seem to give a ‘quack’ about it.


When you say “received” nothing, are you meaning, they couldn’t hear it?

Just to add to this, controllers will not hear the audible “TYGD”, “TY”, or “You’re welcome” as the pilots will. This is to eliminate basically unnecessary (although not unnecessary, just friendly) reports to the controller so they can concentrate on traffic, especially in a busy airspace. They can read and respond if they have the chance, but they won’t hear it.

So rather than coming to a conclusion that this is a device or app issue, I’d chalk it up to operating as designed if the controller couldn’t hear but read it.


It’s the Iphone Rick, nothing game related.
I can play without any issues on my older devices (Iphone X & 13). The 15PM however has tons of problems when it comes to wifi connectivity.
Since I play with the 15PM, messages are not or late received, constant API issues where aircraft just randomly start moving at the gates, orange name tags and so on… If I turn off wifi and fly on cellular, no issues at all but as soon as I connect to wifi again, all problems are back…
Like I said above, it’s an issue Apple sadly doesn’t seem to care about.

Did this fix the issue?

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No it did not

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