ATC not receiving calls

Hello all,

Firstly I hope I’m posting this in the right place. So I’m currently inbound to JFK currently (thus I will post screenshots when the flight is concluded, but I wanted to post this now under threats of being ghosted) and after joining Kennedy Approach I quickly request ILS approach to runway 31R at JFK. Pretty much as soon as I did that, he sent a “Say Intentions” message. No problem, he probably sent that right as I initially requested approach. Repeat this scenario 3 more times, with eventually being threatened with a ghost.

Eventually he responded appropriately telling me to expect vectors. I’m wondering why this happened?

Thanks all.

You’re on the Expert Server right now correct?

Correct. Might be user error so please inform if so :)

Sit tight. Would like to know what caused this. You weren’t backing out of the app or pausing your session were you? Follow these tips for the time being:

  • Be sure to follow the commands. IFATC won’t ghost you if you follow their instructions.

  • Respect the traffic and keep an eye on other aircraft and maintain situational awareness.

  • Worse case scenario is to divert to another airport.

No I wasn’t backing out of the app. Soon as I’m finished with this flight I’ll post screenshots. (Didn’t focus and now I have to go around lol). I’ll post them shortly.

I think the same thing might have just happened to me with JFK tower. I called in but they never responded.

What is your callsign?

UPS 796 (20 characters)

After diverting to EWR and then eventually switching off of the JFK channels, I realized I was still hearing Kennedy Approach even though my end showed I wasn’t connected to a frequency.

You didn’t end the flight yet correct?

I did. Diverted to EWR where there was no ATC. Was going to respawn at JFK now to see if it works or not

Dang it, I wanted to hop on at KEWR before you ended your flight. Okay let us know what happens.

If you want to hop on as ATC there to check and see if it works first we can do that

Spawn in at KACY real quick

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There is a bug where your commands cannot be heard by approach. However you can hear them.

Follow any vectors given, and you will be fine. (They will not be able to hear any runway or FF/RV/ILS requests). When told to switch to tower, on your side, you will appear to be on tower in your side. You will be able to send requests to tower, but they cannot hear you, because you will still be on Approach on the ATC side.

When this happens, just go ahead and land as if on Unicom (i.e. don’t land with traffic in runway, don’t pass anyone) and you will be fine. You also won’t be able to communicate with ground, so if there’s a complicated process of returning to your gate, it’s probably best to end your flight there. If it’s a simple taxi to the gate, just go ahead and taxi to the gate.

As long as you follow all of the Approach vectors to the intercept appropriately, and are cleared for the ILS, you can land NORDO.

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I’m spawned there now

Hang tight. Be there shortly with someone.

How soon you think? Only reason is my friend is waiting on me at jfk lol

Chris S is loading now ;)

Hmm seems to be working fine now?