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hi everyone I actually don’t know where to put this topic at so I’m just gonna put it here. probably correct me if I have something wrong. So I was on a final at EGLL, and at first, I was like, “ok this ATC knew I’m on a final and about to land any second”. when all of a sudden he cleared out a plane to line up. ofc I panicked and I announced a go-around, thankfully he left and I was happy to that if you asked my reaction. I don’t really want to mention names but I’m just hoping that guy read this. so probably please be mindful when being an ATC. ‘it ain’t much but its an honest work’

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Hey there!
On which server where you flying?

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training server at the moment

That’s training server for you. I suggest you fly on expert to get great ATC, all the time, or attend a tracking thread

Unfortunately, this is very likely to happen on the Training Sever, since ATC has not received training as a requirement to control. If you would like to enjoy a better experience with ATC, I strongly recommend you to work your way up to grade 3 and join us in the Expert Server with professional ATC.

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Training server ATC are not official IFATC. It’s for…well…training, as the name suggests. There’s bound to be controllers who make wrong/bad decisions or calls, just like there are troll pilots. Sorry for your experience though! Hope to see you on Expert, or better yet, in IFATC!

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yes i have completed several requirements to comply for grade 3, somehow i am stuck with landing counts.

If landings are the only requirement that is missing to get to Grade 3, I’d recommend flying patterns to increase your landings count.

Good luck and I hope to see you soon on the Expert Server!

A favourite thing to do to farm landings is to take off, reach 1000 feet, make a U-turn and land on the opposite runway. There have to be 30 seconds between the landings though.

Another favourite route to farm landings is VABB-VAJJ. The runways almost touch each other, lol.


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