ATC not open at EBBR

You never asked for touch and go

what region is EBBR in?

I never asked for a touch and go. Let’s just think about that for a minute. I was there for ten minutes. I touched down on the runway and took off again approximately 20 times. Being that I’m an IFATC, I know what ATC commands mean. Therefore, I requested somewhere in the area of 20 touch and goes. Not exactly 0.

It’s in Amsterdam.

ok, cool, is it still going on?, oh EBBR is brusels, isn’t it?

Yes it is. I’m not sure if it’s still happening.

oh, ok at least i got the airport right lol!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

thxa, someone already answered, but thanks again for responding! :)

That was a mess. I’m asking to takeoff and I’m getting clearances while there is a 747 taking off on the same runway. After that, I asked for a GPS approach and got “The frequency is busy, please be patient” so I asked again and got the same response. What am I supposed to do as the pilot at that point? You know I’m inbound for landing and the least you could’ve done is sequenced me to follow someone else in the pattern instead of trying to deal with one person at a time. I suggest practicing with ground and learning to manage airplanes that are barely moving before you step up to tower. Never mind trying your hand as approach. Good luck.


Circle around the airport until I give you clearance

What does that mean? That’s not how approach works at all. You actually have to vector people. What a surprise, right?


If you are grade 3 or above, please fly into EHAM on expert.

Iam also an IFATC Officer ( we Can Open any Radar facilities) and I would suggest you to check these tutorials:
And please, tell us IFATC’s what we should do first, when you are 100% sure that you are right…


Pleas do not judge me. Everybody, can y’all please stop talking about the
whole ATC deal. I stopped talking about the approach and then IFATC started
the whole topic again today. Please just leave me alone about the ATC
Approach Conversation please. I admit the stuff I talked about yesterday
are wrong. Now y’all are just insulting me now

No, we are trying to help you learn from your mistakes. You should watch all of Tyler’s tutorials and master tower before moving on to radar facilities.


Hi man, I want to say nobody want to judge you…
at first your admit feels me (and us) happy… everyone can make mistake, but it is the best way to see what the mistake is.
This is not offensive, but beleave and trust us IFATC’s… we Must do one written test, and a practical test with multiple aircraft in the pattern, and only if all of the official testers and recruiters say we are good and make no mistakes we can join the team. The way to become a 100% member of the team is long… we start at little Class delta airports and all mods ( Tyler, Mark, Joe, HD etc) watches the “trainees” very good… after this “first step” we can control Charlie airports… and After a Long Time ( around 1-2 months, it’s different how we make our job, how often we controll etc) we can control major Class Bravo airports… and to become a Officer (Approach Controller) we must do a test too. Around 3-5 Moderators and Recruiters fly for us and watches us very very very good and strong… And beleave me, all the mods are great Humans, but they do there Job also very good, no one of them will say “you do a very shit job on your approach test, but I promote you” every one ( doesn’t matter if we are new in the team or joined 1 year ago) is “under control”…
The last thing I want to say is this:
We are only humans and Volunteers, of course we can make mistakes, but it gives better ways to tell them as you did…



Like I just said, please do not comment on this topic please

You asked for us to fly, so we will inevitably give you feedback.

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Run it’s course - I suggest you watch Tyler’s tutorials.