ATC not hearing messages

Device: iPad Air 2022 (5th Generation)
Operating system: iPadOS 15.7

This is a pretty serious bug and one I’ve seen reported here a few times recently. I was descending into Dubai contacted approach and requested an approach to 30R. No response.

A few minutes later, tried again. No response.

I then get a message from ATC telling me to contact Dubai Arrival (when I am already on the frequency). I tune out, tune in again and request the approach again. Again no response.

I quit the flight to avoid getting a violation.

My WiFi is fine so it’s not that - the tick in the top-right was green - ATC was able to send messages to me but they didn’t seem to be getting my messages to them.


Hey Benny! This is a known issue, if I’m not wrong people have been experiencing this since 22.7. Personally as a controller, me and other controllers have experienced not receiving pilot’s messages before 22.7 released as well. You did the right thing by leaving the flight. The best we can do is wait for this to hopefully be fixed. Have a good one!

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Thanks for the quick reply! This is the first time I’ve experienced it.

Hopefully, this is fixed ASAP as it’s a bug that can make or break someone’s experience on the online servers.


OP request

Just to clarify, what server was this on?

As an IFATC controller myself, pilots have been reporting to me that I have been ignoring them even though I never received any messages. It’s a pretty serious bug and I have rarely been controlling ever since it started happening just after 22.7 was released. Made a topic a week ago or so on it and was just told it was something got to do with the expert server infrastructure which would be fixed when the servers get reworked. But it’s like, when will that be? I can barley control anymore without the same thing happening 😆

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i experienced that too but on android

This was on Expert Server at OMDB.

While yes this is the first time I experienced it - from @Kyles.aviation’s reply it sounds like some people have experienced it a fair amount. Is there a timeframe for this getting fixed as its pretty demoralising to arrive at an airport with ATC and find you can’t communicate because of a bug.

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It’s pretty annoying from an ATC perspective too. There’s also a bug where it shows there’s an aircraft on your frequency even though there’s not. I was controlling ground when EHAM was really busy a week ago when the E175 was released. Reported a few people for crossing the runway without permission even though tower supposedly gave them a crossing but it still showed that they were on my frequency. So yeah it’s pretty serious lol. Got all of the reports sorted in appeals. But yeah, it goes both ways too. I was giving aircraft commands and supposedly they weren’t hearing them, then aircraft was requesting stuff on my frequency and I wasn’t hearing them either.

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Happening to me on daily basis on expert server ATC control. Pilots always complain to me that i am not responding to their requests. Sometimes i see aircrafts on ground frequency requesting for takeoff, which is pretty annoying. Neither i can send cleared for takeoff nor ask them to contact tower. Hope IF work on this on priority basis so pilots don’t feel they are being ignored.

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So maybe the ATC at SLC wasn’t negligent

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences - we are very aware of these issues and they are a high priority to be solved, they just require more time to investigate so we can fix these for good.

We’re working on some updates to our existing multiplayer servers, which should fix some of these communication/disappearing aircraft issues. These are currently available in Casual and Training, so feel free to try these servers and let us know if you’re able to reproduce the same issues. We’ll look into testing these for Expert soon.

Long term, we have a full multiplayer rework that is in-progress which aims to go further in improving the multiplayer experience. This is a larger project which we’ll share more about when we begin testing.


Thanks for the update Cameron.