ATC: Not following my instructions

Hi, all,

I am new here, so please forgive me if my questions in this post have been addressed previously. I have been practicing my ATC skills on the training server - not because I intend to become an expert ATC, but rather because I simply find it fun. Anyway, I’ve noticed that many on the training server do not follow my instructions. I have watched the ATC tutorials and have done my own research to make sure I am giving the proper instructions. For example, at LAX, I only grant clearance for takeoff/landing at either of the 4 runways on one end of the airport (i.e. 06L, 06R, 07L, 07R; or, 24R, 24L, 25R, 25L). Many users decide to land/take off at runways opposite of the ones I’ve given clearance to. This results in one plane taking off at one end of the runway, while another plane is landing at the opposite end of the same runway. While I do give patterns instructions to guide the aircraft to the correct runway, they often respond to my instructions with “unable.” I cannot warn or threaten to ghost the insubordinate aircraft(s) since I am controlling on the training server. Is there anything that can be done to try and urge these users to follow directions? I feel like it makes me look bad that I have planes landing and taking off all over the place. I’m a grade 3, so I usually fly on the expert server with those who crave a bit of realism, but I can’t control on the expert server (I don’t think I would be able to handle that - props to the expert ATC’s).

I play this game because I have a fascination and interest in aviation, though I am not pursuing that career path, nor do I think I have the same level of interest and knowledge of the subject as most of you do. It’s a lot of fun, and I certainly get my aviation fix playing this game. With that said, please keep in mind that I may not know as much as you all, and I appreciate any insight/advice you have to offer.



I am sorry to say that but most of us understand your frustration. The only solution to your problem is to join the IFATC team then you’ll be able to control on the Expert Server, it is the only way to control in a more respectful environment. Don’t worry it’s not hard to join the team but you’ll need proper practice and it will not be possible if you control in an airport full of trolls. Create an ATC thread and more serious people from the community will come to you and give you feedback on your controlling skills for you to improve.

By the way, welcome to the community :)


I feel that too. That’s what makes us the frustrated.
I was controlling at Heathrow a day before and someone literally ran off onan Aircraft.
I believe that We should have a feature to report those players, for a short term.


I never judge a controller if there is planes landing on the opposite runway unless you have instructed them to do so, on the training server. That’s in general, there are rare sitatutions where you use both ends of the runway though.

Because this was on the training server, there’s really nothing much you or anyone can do. This is a training environment where folks should be learning to improve. Unfortunately, some folks take the training server and use it as platform to make other’s experience miserable.

If ATC is being a pain, just leave their airspace and divert to the next suitable airport for your aircraft. I agree that it’s frustrating but the fix as a pilot is quite simple.

If the other pilots are being a pain, then consider opening a smaller airport that is less likely to draw a large crowd. All of the big airports such as KSFO, KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, OMDB, etc. are some of the hottest areas for those who want to disobey instructions.


Right - perhaps ghosting for 30-60 minutes without impacting one’s grade. I know everyone is just trying to have fun and it is a game after all, but users should still be respectful. It’s not like the ATC is giving instructions to purposely inconvenience someone - the instructions are justified.