ATC not changing

Iphone 14 Pro Max:
IOS 17.5.1:

I am having issues tuning into different ATC.

If i try and change from Tower to ground and start communicating with ground ATC they can’t hear me then warn me i’m in an active airspace and to contact ground when i already have.

this has happened multiple times including when ive taken off and trying to tune out of ATC it remains.

is there a fix?



Which server ATC…is that Training Server?

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues, Henry.
Is the network you are connected to using a VPN?
Please try a different (Wi-Fi) network to see if that changes anything.

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Expert server

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I’m just using Data from my phone. I’ve also used wifi and it tends to happen as well. Happy to share some videos as well.

Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. Did the event from Palma to London yesterday and tuned into Approach center but they could not hear my commands and was advising me to tune in. Had to quit the flight - very annoying.


I can imagine this ruining your experience.
It does sound like a connecting issue.
Which service provider are you using and from which country?

Could you check the network connection by running a speedtest tool like and post a screenshot of the results?

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EE in the UK -

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Any idea, @schyllberg?

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This is a known issue we’ve seen with EE UK (and a few other service providers)
Next update have some serious changes server side.

So if possible, the best workaround now would be if you could use a different connectivity source for now.