ATC not Agreeing. When to Ignore? Training Server

Hey All,

Fairly new to the game. At about 50 hurst’s flight time now. I have my private and instrument rating IRL, so very familiar with all operations.

Is it ever OK to ignore ATC on the training server? Several times I am arriving into LAX and the Approach will give me the 7’s while Tower will be sending people off the 25’s. Who do I listen to in this case? I do not want to start my approach and then be told to go around by tower.

Several times I have been forgotten by an approach controller and left with way to much altitude or not turned towards the localizer in time. In this case can I make the changes myself?

I realize this is just the training server, and I am working hard to build my XP for the Expert (as I hope that is much more realistic).


Training server is not perfect, so if it’s the case where the controller is leading you into a place you know is dangerous, say “unable” if that’s available. Some ATC on training may also troll around

Also we welcome you to the community!


Never ignore ATC. If you don’t want to interact with a controller in training or a novice then fly into an airport with Unicom.


What is they troll?

You have the option to divert.


That’s why I mostly fly out of KLAX instead of into it

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If you want to practice flying into an airport with an active controller, then fly a short flight (30 minutes to 1 hour) into an airport staffed by someone with an ATC Tracking Threads in #atc. They’ll never troll you, but they may send some weird commands. All part of the learning experience.

Either that or fly some pattern work, always great to practice.


When I flew on TS to an airport with ATC, I see how they do, and if they troll, I just ignore them.

Expert server is the best place for professional ATC right now, and you must be qualified for it. Maybe you can hit up one of the training server atc requests thread where you can request professional ATC.

Thanks for the reply and welcome. Really enjoying the sim.

Unfortunately “unable” is rarely an option even though it should be.

It goes against every aviation bone in my body to disregard ATC.

The tough part is when I know the Approach controller is sending me the wrong way.

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If they are contradicting each other, who do I prioritize?

It is a waste of time for me to fly a full approach when I know full well the tower will have me go around and land the other way.

I agree, define contradicting each other? What are some examples, I can think of a few but I’d like to hear what you’ve heard.


ATC on the TS normally agree and are cooperative, but I’ve had times where they troll.

I was just observing LAX on TS

Seems like the winds were favoring the 7s & 6s while ground was sending people to both ends.

Unless you have a user controlling both ground & tower, your definitely going to get conflicting reports.

… LAX is a big no-no if you want a good experience on TS


I won’t really say troll. I’d say they aren’t experienced and unknowingly do wrong things like make aircrafts take off simultaneously on the same runway etc… as it is “training server”


Sure, I see where you’re coming from. But I’ve had times where you request a frequency change after TO and they tell you to land. After that, they start spamming to land (at a different runway each time).

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I agree with you. twice, my approach was poorly organized so that at the entrance to get to the track I was too high to be able to land while I was using the approach button. I had to go throttle and make a turn but this fpis I did not consider the instructions of the ATC. and asked myself no problem.
on the serveir Expert zn revenge is professionalism there is nothing to complain about. correct approach that allows to pose without problem.

I’ve also seen that, but inexperienced people usually tend to get aggravated a lot earlier than experienced people etc and just spam and spam and spam.

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Fair enough.

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Agree with this, same goes for these ATC’s. Because they are new, they also experience pilots who are new and will they think that the pilots are trolling. But since nobody is an expert (On the TS) or has lot of experience as being a pilot or ATC we directly label them as trolls. Even I did that…

But my case was simple and special, since i am a special snowflake coming from the Antanov an225’s blackbox and since I have some experience with ATC etc on IF