ATC not acting like professionals

Not sure who hires on the ATC volunteers but there have been some awful AT controllers both on the professional and training servers. Today at LAX on the training server, ATC would clear an airplane for take off on a specific runway and then 5 seconds later would say that user/tailnumber was aligned with the wrong runway. There is a lot of powertrip like behavior that happens on the expert server along with ATC handlers that don’t know how to handle a busy airport. This issue needs attention.



Training server is open to everyone. Including those who like to fool around.

If you want to avoid trolls on the atc, go on the expert server and believe me, it will be a whole lot better.
TS ATC @ LAX has mostly been like this since the beginning of time


That’s to be expected on the training server. You’ll occasionally find good controllers (like TSATC), but most of the time they’re learning or don’t know what they’re doing. If you’d like good ATC, feel free to fly on the Expert server.

If you have a problem with IFATC, go ahead and PM the controller. I’m sure they’d be happy to explain their reasoning for whatever it is you feel they did wrong.


This issue does need attention. Infinite Flight always has room for growth and saying “Its training server deal with it” does not give TS the attention it needs to improve. How they improve is a mystery to me. On other forums where people complain about TS, they are told that “thats they way it always been done”.

I would say introduce a moderator on TS to kick off anyone who abuses ATC and major airports such as LAX and Heathrow. It would be an incredibly easy job to do with no downtime. How do people learn when their mistakes are not pointed out to them? It just encourages a bad learned behavior over time.

Example: Made the mistake of flying on TS at JFK today, and while at the gate I get spammed by tower to contact them. It really puts a bad taste in your mouth for training server honestly.

If you are eligible, Expert server is definitely the place to be for professional ATC


We’ve already told the mods of our ruined experience, and they have reportedly told us stricter rules are in the works although I cannot confirm this to be true now, it was said many months ago.

TS already has lots of attention, based on the huge amounts of reports saying the terrible experience of TS.

I was unaware of that.

I don’t mean to sound

This quote tells me to basically ignore everything after because it’s the training server at LAX which means absolute chaos


I would suggest one day ghosting 1 training server then that way people will start thinking twice about doing a stupid thing


If you would like more professional ATC on training server you could go to people’s ATC tracking thread on the community. There you will find people training to become IFATC members, not some random people that are grade 2.


There are good or bad air traffic controllers and there are good or bad pilots on the training server. Embrace the bad and mimic the good, this is a tactic that can help you when you progress onto the expert server as it’s a whole new world in that server away from the mess on the training server. On the expert server, as people are saying, if you have a problem with a controller don’t be afraid to privately message them for proper complaints and further information such as why you were ghosted or what you did wrong that got the air traffic controller to to tell you to follow instructions.

that’s just training server for you. if you would like some good controlling you can join a airport with IFATC on expert.

@FBWFTW literally the same thought came to my head 😂

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I spent a solid 90 minutes controlling at LAX-I should upload the replay… it went mostly well when they listened.


when being the main word.

I remember my EGLL days when id open on TS and have 4 planes on final for the 9’ers and like 6 on the 27’s, three on the runway facing opposite directions, one spamming me with stand by, 542 planes taxiing through each other…

I think what a lot of people forget is that TS is not just there for ATC to improve their skills, but also for pilots to learn what the rules are. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to distinguish whether someone’s being an idiot and is purposely being bad (at controlling or flying) or whether they genuinely don’t know.

Either way the OP should take into consideration there are literally 11 year olds who sound like 2004 Justin Bieber playing this game, who probably don’t know anything about aviation but would like to learn at some point. It’s the whole reason we have an expert server, it’s for serious players.

Yeah you get the odd pilot here and there who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but trust me, there’s plenty in real life I wouldn’t trust to operate a coffee machine, let alone a plane.

Everyone starts somewhere, everyone is initially going to be horrendous at this game. Even on expert you’ll sometimes get a command from ATC where you might think “really?”. Just remember everyone has a bad day at some point :)

That’s my two cents :)


At the moment I am not IFATC, I am preparing … But when I am in TS I find controllers who really know and lately I have found more (I do not know if it is luck) As it says @Kian_Abbasi all IFATC had to control in sometime on TS!
In KLAX there is not always good ATC, where I recommend you to fly it is in KSFO and KJFK I am sure that there you will have more possibilities to find a good TS ATC

Hopefully one day we will meet and you will not have any problem on your flight

Am training to be IFATC.
I have my own tracking thread.
I try very hard to be correct and professional, yes I make mistakes but try and learn from them.
It’s very frustrating when pilots don’t listen to instructions, especially at busy airports.


No further comment needed, but in case some are wondering. If you have seen a controller making mistakes and not able to cope with traffic (which I highly doubt) please pm them to let them know what you thought. You can trust me on this, all IFATC are subject to demotion when needed and are constantly being monitored by moderators. I’ve seen many complain about the quality of controlling and ends up that actually the controller was 100% correct. All of this being for expert server. TS is another story and you have a point. I don’t really agree with some of the solution but then again I don’t think there is a solution. (Other than fly on expert with well trained atc😉)

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Some airports are hard to control on TS, because some pilots don’t care to listen. I’m getting pretty good at it on TS, but when the plane that was doing patterns decides not to listen, or something similar, well, I can only do so much 😐.

I was AP/DP yesterday on TS at KMIA and VHHH, and for the most part everyone listened. No souls were lost under my control. I’ve been ATC at KLAX before, and unfortunately many souls were lost due to rogue pilots. There were some F22s standing by to help control the airspace, but even the rogue pilots had access to similar fighter aircraft. The ground guy, quit their job or disappeared in the chaos, so now it’s just me and the other guy, doors barricaded.

Many of us are trying our best on TS. Some are great at it. Others are not great, but not bad. I’ve had some AP ATC vectoring me way too low or too high. Like, ATC, that hill in front of me is getting awful close pretty fast (please look at STAR/IFR plates). Some are trolling, as they on-guard you at cruise level 200nm+ out. Point is, we’re trying our best, or still learning for the most part.

Is there a reason why ATC at KLAX allows everyone to land on 25R when there are a boat load of people waiting to take off, while 3 other runways remain empty with no one on approach nor taking off. Honestly asking, in case I’m missing something here

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Many of those pilots on 25R are rogue, and have ceased transmissions with ATC. Try any 24 runway for better results on TS.