ATC not able to hear calls issue

Hey fam,

I know this is a known issue as it has happened to me before when I’ve gone out of the app and come back.

However, today I did a short hop from Oslo to Gothenburg without leaving the app at all and had this issue. I noticed something was wrong when I tuned into Gothenburg ATIS and couldn’t hear anything.

Not looking for solutions as I simply have diverted to an uncontrolled airport, but any ideas why this happened?

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Were you looking at your phone the whole time? An unstable internet connection can cause this too.

You might think that you have a stable connection but sometimes it disconnects for a couple of seconds, which might be the reason for this issue.

Wasn’t staring at the phone the WHOLE time but had volume and it sitting right next to me.

The connection is a possible one. TWC in New York City is trash lol.

It’s possible had not published the ATIS yet. It will sometimes take a minute to configure the ATIS and manage the bombardment of aircraft requests

The text appeared but no sound.

Yes that happens to me sometimes if I leave the app. Nothing from my experience (5 instances) can be done to bring back atc voice, just an app restart.

in the original post it says that I’m aware of that and did not leave the app.

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