ATC no voice

Hello IF team … I do not know why it was but when I flew this morning from Paris Beauvais to Poznan, I wanted to order from Paris but there was no voice … I could read it but ATC did not speak … What can it be? Maybe that has to do with the update?


This happened to me once before the update. I had started my flight at an airport with a lot of traffic so I restarted IF before I pushed back. I’m not sure what to do during the middle of a flight.


Actually this is happening to me when I am ATC and when I fly. I have restarted the app and no different.

That happened to me before, and I figured out a way to solve this without having to restart the application.
Simply pause the simulator > In-game settings > Live > Pilot voice > Tap on any one of the possible options
This had worked for me every single time to make the ATC’s voice resume, hopefully this helped as a workaround for now.

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OK, will try. Thanks for help @iOS_Aviator 👍


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