ATC No Speed Restrictions, Initial Climb, etc.

ATC Instructions
In relation to real world aviation & Air Traffic Control
This will concern both ATC and Pilots

So as we all know in Infinite Flight there is a speed restriction of 250kts below 10,000ft similar to that of the Real World, What i would like to suggest is adding a few more options from my knowledge of what Real World ATC has. Will Keep this updated with the knowledge from what i know.

No Speed Restrictions
Now what do i mean by this? As most of us should know, in the actual world of ATC, they have the option to remove speed restrictions below 10,000ft for specific aircraft, to either clear the airspace quickly or to help planes on their journey.

Now, why would i suggest this to be added? Personally, it adds to the realism of IF and it would also help ATC to clear their air space quicker.

How will it work?
Upon departure, tower or departure frequency can choose to issue an aircraft to have no speed restrictions, meaning they can travel above 250kts below 10,000ft. This would also help pilots get to their destination faster as they could already be travelling at their cruise speed. BUT, ONLY ATC can issue this and pilots are not allowed to request for it, so as to prevent a constant spamming of request to the ATC

“Speedbird27 Cleared For Takeoff Runway 20R”
after taking off ATC can choose to issue “No Speed Restriction, Cleared to FL/Contact xxDeparture at xx”
“Speedbird27 Climb to 20,000ft, No Speed restrictions, contact xx departure at xx, Good day!!”

Holding Altitude
Tower ATC can possibly give this instruction out so before planes were to depart they would assign an Initial Climb to xxxx/ft or Initial Altitude given to them. Thereafter, they would need to be cleared before flying to their planned Cruise Altitude.

“Speedbird125 Cleared For take off runway 27, Climb to 18,000ft and maintain.”
But the pilot planned cruise is at 30,000ft
Afterwards, ATC would issue this:
“Speedbird125, Cleared to 30,000ft”

how can this be applied
It adds to the realism of ATC and it can greatly help when there is a busy airspace by using this method to maintain vertical separation with other aircraft.

To Better improvise
Perhaps on the Flight Plan Page Not only will we need to plan the route we take but to add on to realism, add the altitude we wish to cruise at as well as the speed we are going to travel. That way ATC can better organize the airspace around.

This would actually increase communications between Pilots and ATC creating a more communicative system.
Thank You for taking the time to read this!! Do tell me what you think about this thanks!!

Not too long ago I was listening to liveatc and i heard the ATC say something about ignoring speed restrictions.

I think if it were to be added it should only be on expert as training server controllers could just say that to all aircraft and you would have a unrealistic airspace


Too complicated, I think they should keep the restrictions. This is a simulator and the norm should be enforced…nothing but the norm.


yeap indeed thats true, similar to ATIS as to how it is only on the expert server this could possibly be implemented to only the expert server for added realism.


well, this could just be put on the Expert server just like the ATIS just for added realism into IF. Its the small details that’ll play a part as well, but we all have our own views. As you said this is a simulator so shouldn’t simulators be as similar to that of actual realism heh.


There should be a sim…ulation between the real world aviation and IF but the complications must be removed…thats what makes an FAA certified simulator as opposed to a game. Now apps are not generally FAA criteria but they can follow the same regulations as that of there counterparts. This usually involves leaving out “extras” such as speed discrepancies below 10k.

well what i meant is if that’s added, its not a must that they have to use it, its just an added option for the ATC. They could allow more planes to depart out when the ones ahead are cleared from the path quicker. It isn’t a “Okay you must use this and you have no right of choice” So it isn’t really complicating it any further, there’ll just be additional options in the ATC menu for the controllers

Apparently, not everyone is aware of this because we still see topic like “ I did a flight and when I finished the flight I somehow got violations. But I didn’t do anything wrong! Now I’m annoyed.” Hopefully I got that somewhat right…


No you did…

I’d enjoy seeing this added to the expert server, not training or Casual because that would be used and abused.

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FAA certified flight simulator? That is used for pilot’s in training not games like Infinite Flight. Infinite Flight how ever should have a realistic expert server as I agree with a community of realistic ATC like our own IFATC. Games like FSX have the online multiplayer which is kind of like training and casual, and then they have VATSIM Community which is like the expert server. They have ATC and such and it is really realistic, and that’s why the expert server needs to have these details because training server pilots who are experienced would not not as much about this stuff! @Patria

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When airports gets busy, tower sometimes cant even handle tower and ground together. Now think what would happen if tower should give the commands for the climb every time one aircraft departed. Thats why we have departure and FF. Now for the speed restriction perfect idia. Tower with the frequency change approved or conatct appr,dep can mention if they can proccede on course while being at 6000ft cruising with 280 kt…👍


Please do not request additional features inside of someone elses request. Please create a separate feature request (after searching of course).

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sorry. Will delete it.

yeapp you absolutely got that right hahaha i couldn’t agree more on that fact that some people still aren’t aware of that. Because these people just wants a faster way out of it they naturally ignore that fact of speed being restricted to 250kts below 10,000ft…

You need to keep it because their are lots of dumb people and if they get to expert servers they might as well take away the grades

What? You say we currently can’t fly 320kts at 6000ft and 30nm out of the ILS?

That would be sportive tho…

“Speed your discretion” could be perhaps coded as an ATC command and only allowed with active ATC.

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Funny, I was just about to create a feature request about exactly this. You have my vote!

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Again, this is an example of why (especially on Expert Server) we need a way to implement SID/STAR’s.


as they always say, great minds think alike haha. Thanks man

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