ATC @ New York Approach on Expert Server just now.

Thank you.

In my whole time on IF I have never experienced such professional and talented ATC. In a very crowded airspace you vectored perfectly and kept such tight spacing under pressure.

I have no idea of your username, but seriously well done.



Hi,i was your approach controller,thank you,glad you enjoyed!


You was fantastic, have a great new year!

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I know, you did an amazing job

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Great Job, Thankyou very much!👍😀

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Yes I was there, great job!

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I was JFK approach at beginning of fnf and just the past hour again. Vectored you into JFK @LaroseRoyce. Good to see ya!

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Good stuff dude. But I got 2 violations unexpectedly. Never got a warning! Ended the the flight then I was wait what…! Oh well. Good stuff tho!

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That sucks!

To everyone that flew tonight:

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with this FNF. NY region is small and working a radar frequency can be a real pain as you receive requests from planes all over the map.
I controlled for almost 4 hours tonight in two separate sessions as JFK approach. The first session was extremely busy. However, I did not have to ghost a single pilot. Nearly everyone followed every instruction. Very few overshot the localizer path. It was very enjoyable.


The controlling today was absolutely phenomenal. I mean mind boggling. You guys did so awesome. I was flying into my arrival airport and the tower controller, not approach or center, but the tower controller had all the pilots perfectly separated and out in a long ark. It was beautiful.
I was vectored by Josh (awesome controller) like a pro. Everywhere I interacted with ATC they improved my flight. Thank you guys.
AR sadly I didn’t not get to fly under you. Can’t wait. Hope to enjoy it in the future.

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I forgot to apologize to everyone, it was half an hour that i broadcast closing, but in the end my ipad it is switched off and went out all of a sorry for any inconvenience!

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Fantastic job on Approach last night mate.

The traffic was really heavy but you did a wonderful job bringing planes in.

Hope to fly with you again soon!

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