ATC new message

No, it was most likely a staff member. They have the ability to send custom messages to my knowledge.


Yea. that’s what i was thinking 😂

This message is from Infinite Flight developers, one of the Laura, Philippe or Cam


What am I seeing here?


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It was Jason attempting to jump scare innocent pilots. Beware, he’s lurking.


“testing something”🤔

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Hmm interesting… 🤔

Cue the speculation

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It is a Developer, something may have gone wrong and probably affected the server for a bit, the dev was just apologizing for it. As said above devs have the possibilty of sending custom messages for everyone on the server, they use it most of the times to annouce something. Already saw Laura sending one thanking everyone that was playing the sim. They’re nice :)



Its Misha flying his Unicorn. Don’t worry.

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Its Laura, i also received it. We both landed at the same time at SBGR

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how do you blur text? I forgot how to.

you go on that thing right beside the calendar, right side. then you click on “blur spoiler” and you do your text :)

Sorry about the explation, i’m quite bad at it lol.

Any other questions about the IFC commands and features you can check this amazing post by Thomas.

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Fun fact, here’s little public Tweet from Laura the other day :).

Hope this helps you understand, developers need to test somewhere!


That is Laura, a developer of the game.

She was maybe testing something

Oh yeah I see the “free text”

That is literally the transmission they sent 🤦🏼‍♂️

It is scary when you are doing an overnighter and hear one of their announcements wake you out of your sleep :D

Available only to Devs on computer version if I am right.

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