ATC needs standardized review tests

Hi all, I was just playing some IF online and I was heading from CDG to MIA. As I tuned into the frequency, I checked in and requested approach. For some reason the ATC instructor told me to review rules on the home screen or something like that and I asked for approach again because I wasn’t able to say anything because of the specified commands available. He threatened to report me so I had to back out after a 9 hour flight which saddens me Because I was looking forward for the sunset approach into Miami. PLEASE put this controller under review.

The person at ATC is on the command list.

Edit: Someone is saying that I had to be at a specific altitude of 18,000 feet or less. My apologies I didn’t know that before sorry for any confusion.

Did you first check in or request approach first?

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You could look at your replay and find who the controller was to take it to a PM, where everything could be cleared up and brought to Tyler if necessary.

Also, this doesn’t belong in #support. Let us know if you need help finding the controller!

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Your controller was @ToasterStroodie. Feel free to PM him to discuss about this issue and understand what happened.


Toaster Has specifically told me over and over again that you cannot check in. You must request approach once tuning into approach frequency at 18,000 feet or less, and 50 miles out or less


PM me. I’ll get back to you after this session about why you were handled the way you were.


Plus, air traffic control always get standardize review test. They go through the IFATC training process, and they are some of the most professional (virtual controllers) in the aviation community