ATC needed

Sorry if this is a bit late, but we need ATC for our event in 45 minutes- [closed] Air New Zealand celebration flight @ YSSY - 130930ZAUG16 - #38 by Potato_pilot
We already have ground and tower sorted.
If you can help, PM me

I might, but no guarantee. I’m not exactly the best anyway. Do you need Tower or Approach?

I might be on

Approach, we have tower and ground sorted

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I can’t, I’m terrible at Approach :( I might come to the event though.

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As ATC or pilot?

I will be Atc

What will you be?

Whatever is available when I get on

What server is it?

Training 2, could you be approach or departure?

I’ll be departure

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I’ll do approach

Thank you! See you in 20 mins

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I’m online.waiting for everyone

It doesn’t start for another 17 minutes 😂
People are really enthusiastic!

I don’t think we’ll need centre. No more ATC needed, but if you’d like to join us you have 5 minutes, then I’m going online

Literally waiting there eating pringles and watching youtube😂😂

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I think someone may have taken my Ground + Tower frequencies. I hope they log off before the event begins.

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I’m going now…