ATC needed

Would anyone like to give an hour or so of time to work the ground, tower, and departure/approach frequencies at a short event at KATL this Monday at 2330z?

I know it is short notice, but if anyone wanted to come revel in the fun with us, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I think it’s dependent on the ATC schedule, if the region/hub is Atlanta then it would be opened.


As Kyle said if you want to have Expert ATC at your event plan around the schedule and if it’s an airport on the schedule then it should be open or can easily be requested. If it’s not then sadly it’s tough luck.


Ok. Training server ATC can be scheduled, correct?

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You can request it. It can’t be guaranteed but just ask in the event thread for ATC and I’m sure someone will offer :)

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Totally understand. First time doing this so thank you!

Been changed accordingly. Set to training server now. Thank you to anyone who can help!

Zulu time of the event is given on the original post (2330Z). GMT is the same as Zulu time so it’s 2330GMT