ATC needed for Naples and Genoa in Europe

Hey @AnotherPilot77 and @Clement_Noel i need some ATC for a flight from Naples to Genoa in Training

Do you need it now?

Yes pls I need it for my flight

LIRN? I’m there now

Yes I’m spawning in

Aight I can try to do both because I’m trying to organise a fly-out but I can definitely do genoa tho👍

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I’ll do Naples and then you can do Genoa 👍

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No worries

I’ll be flying now

Don’t worry I’ll track your flight

So I am still in Naples but I will start to taxi

Thanks man

You can use this to request ATC. :)

Wait sorry I can’t so so so sorry i completely I forgot I had to go out for dinner, I’ll try my best to attend to you next time.

It’s no worries

Thanks guys