ATC Needed For a Day Of Controlling

I know this sounds very outrageous but if you see this topic I just made

So we need a day of ATC for which ever airport they choose In the poll

So I was thinking we will need Tower Ground Approach or Departure so we need 4 people (or 2 people) per shift I will be able to work double just in case

Please sign up and say what you can control

First Shift:
Ground: @BadPlane
Tower: @American_1549
Approach: @KennedyTurner
Departure: @Ryan_1872

Second Shift:
Tower: @CameronH21
(Backup Approach): @Ur_Friendly_Approach


I will be Approach!!

This is a big undertaking but I think it can be done and should be put the world records

You can just ask for people to assist on that same thread rather than creating another one…


Also!! If this gets really big we should get a TFR put in place!!


I made another one because it is a different topic

It seems the same to me…

What exactly is different?

We are asking for ATC controllers for the soon to come event

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I said I would be Approach??

Not departure?

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So ask on the original thread. I don’t see any need for this imo.


Can you do departure

Ok we need a second shift

I’ll be tower for 2nd

Ok great tell your friends this is going to be a big one

Lol…He should sort that.

I’d be Ground on 2nd shift but I’m on holiday until he 17th.

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Can you do the 14th because that is looking like the day it is winning in the poll go vote for your most convenient

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I don’t know what I’ll be doing that day. I’ll look into it.

Out me as a backup on second shift for approach. I’m not entirely sure yet

Got you thanks 🙏 👍🏻

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