ATC needed at Newcastle in training server

Hello and greetings, I am gonna do a flight from Dublin to Newcastle in Ryanair 737-800 on the training server, is it possible if you can provide some ATC at Newcastle?


Yea i will

I’ll notify you when I’m near Newcastle

Don’t worry I’ll track it on live flight😁

Hi, i can to be ATC at Newcastle if you want ATC service you want u ?

Yea you can take my Newcastle spot👍

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Are you still doing ATC at Newcastle?

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no yet i’m waiting he coming

Oh thanks bro

I’ll do approach?

I have the information of my flight

this thread is great for the future

of course you can

Oh thank you clement

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IF Flightplan Tools | Flight Status (

yes i know i follow with this

Newcastle center is needed.

Woops I forgot to😅

can you expect runway 25 pls ?

I’ll request it to him

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Changing nav to 25