ATC multiple choice knowledge test for pilots

I tried looking around for something like this but haven’t found anything. I was wondering if there is any kind of atc knowledge test for pilots out there, like a multiple choice test about what to do when given a certain atc command that any pilot is able to take and at the end of the test it will tell you all the ones you have missed and possibly a link to a topic or video totorial on the misunderstood commands to better help that person understand and enjoy infinite flight that much more? If there is anything out there like this please send me the link to it! Thanks!

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I believe the IFATC written test is like this. Otherwise you can check out Tyler’s tutorial videos.

Check this out too:


The IFATC test sounds like what your looking for. Contact one of the recruiters (i don’t know any off the top my head) and they could further help you :)

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Someone made one of these earlier.

Found it if this is what you were searching

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Thank you all so much! And the link @Flightfan84 and @dush19 sent was exactly what I was looking for. Although I do wish it had more questions about atc commands. Maybe one day @epaga if he has the time (because I know he’s been busy working on the amazing inflight assistant app) could possibly add some more questions. I took the test and made a 86% and now I have learned 2 things I didn’t know prior.


Are there any questions about ATC instructions that you’d like to ask right here? Glad we could help you out with the other stuff as well.

Haha that’s my problem, when it comes down to it at the time I can’t think of anything to ask because for the most part I understand the atc commands very well. That’s why I like the test option because it’ll have all the questions for all the things I can’t think of or don’t know to think of! I was recently asked to become a pilot trainer for a va and I was just looking for a quiz so I could see what I did know and what I needed to look up and research. @Flightfan84

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@epaga… (Info: @Brandon_Sandstrom @Tyler_Shelton. @Clup0518@Flightfan84)
Max Sez: Your quiz fits smartly into the the Pilots/Controller Trainee matriculation test Brandon and I have been advocating for years. A machine scored test requirement for access to the Expert Server and TS1 Controller platform. Missed this when first posted. You do good work! Here’s another BZ Plaque for your awards wall. (FDS Should adopt this great idea and implement this type quiz in a near future update.) Warm Regards.


Thanks, Max! Wow, that’s the second coveted BZ award I’ve received in a week, I’m honored! 😃

Yeah I remember that quiz, it was super easy to set up on testmoz. Really was impressed with that site.

P.S. BTW, (off-topic but) thanks as well Max for your IF Assistant pricing advice back when I was first broaching the topic - your thoughts were super helpful in figuring out where to “land”.


@Tyler_Shelton @Brandon_Sandstrom. Pls note @epaga web site cited:” for quiz development.

@epaga. Forgot; I am now an “Intelligent & Attractive Person”! Good show, first time I smiled paying thru the nose! LOL.

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Test shows me I have some studying to do. Thanks for putting it together!

Oh I didn’t put that together bud, full credit goes to @epaga . I only supplied the link.

Lets go 'NOLES!!!

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