ATC mode (Data problem)

whenever i try to play as a ATC i always need wifi and when i try to play on data i am able to play but the comms are not reaching to the pilots that’s why they don’t respond too?


Sorry to hear about this.
Are you perhaps on 5G and are using the service provider JIO?
If so, it’s a known issue that we’re currently investigating.

If you were to switch of 5G and run on 4G instead, it should work :)

yes you are correct

let me try

i use iphone so their are three option auto5G, turn on 5G and LTE

no buddy pilots are not responding

Only have it set to LTE.

still pilots are not responding if you agree i can send you my screen recording

i think so i should restart my phone

no change after restarting


Unfortunately there’s not much we can do right now regarding this, as it’s is an issue with how JIO have their network configured.

We’ve been working on correcting this but it’s a very lengthy process and will take some time.

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Ya please sort it out while playing as a pilot ATC is not able to here my commands so this can cause me a violation so it is a serious matter

I will try to call their customer service hope so I will get a reply

Subject: Inquiry Regarding Resolution Time for the Current Issue

Dear Schyllberg,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to bring to your attention a concern regarding an ongoing problem. I understand that resolving issues can take time, and I appreciate your team’s efforts in addressing this matter.

Could you please provide an estimate of how many days it might take to resolve the current issue? I understand that these situations can be complex, and I appreciate your team’s dedication to resolving them.

On a separate note, I’ve noticed some challenges with the data outside of the game as well. If possible, it would be great to receive updates on any improvements or timelines for addressing these issues.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I appreciate your team’s hard work.

Best regards,


This is all the information that is available right now.

If JIO is actually willing to look at this, and that is a big “if”, it could take a while, so don’t expect anything soon.

Ok thanks for your response Sir

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In addition to what Jan said, this just verifies that customers need to address this with JIO. It is unfortunately not something we’re able to do more than we already do.

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