ATC @ MMMD on Expert under the control of @MrMrMan

To everyone who has been at MMMD on Expert Server today under my control - I would like to apologize. I am very sorry for the controlling you may have received. I was very overwhelmed, and I need to take it slower. For my first day as an official IFATC, I do believe it could have gone better, but it could have also gone much worse. I apologize if you have received “under-par” controlling today. I am going to improve immediately. Again, I’m very sorry if you received any bad controlling. @Ethan_Chloe123 did have to take over for me at one point, and he cleared the air (literally) and smoothed things out. I took over again after him, but just ended. I am grateful for any feedback in my DMs please. I promise I will become better.


I don’t think you can get the training 100% on the training server, but keep it up @MrMrMan , looking forward to being under your ATC control.