ATC mistakes


I was following all ATC instructions, given by Jeebak Roy in this case.
I was cleared to land at St Maarten. After landing I was told to exit the runway. Since I was flying a 747, I had to back taxi to be able to exit the runway.
While doing so ATC kept repeating I wasn’t cleared to enter the runway until it was suggested I read up on ATC instructions.
Where was I supposed to exit the runway? Through the grass?
This was the advaced server!
There’s no way to communicate other than the fixed messages.
I really don’t like this.
Like I said I was following all instructions and it’s not my fault when ATC messes up.

What should I have done?


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You should’ve said I’m sorry until the controller got angry (just kidding). Maybe the controller wasn’t familiar with that airport or you weren’t told to back taxi?

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If you have any concerns about an advanced controller, please PM them as soon as you can.

I understand you can’t PM yet, check out this info on trust levels!

U were asked to hold short runway 28. U weren’t asked to back taxi. U back taxied when someone was on final. Note I didn’t ghost you.


Maybe you should have just ignored the repeated messages since you were doing the right thing, and following the initial instructions. Only my opinion :)

@Jan_Polet best to contact the controller
@JeebakR you’ll also want @Tyler_Shelton to be involved in this, i suggest you make a PM inviting yourself and these to people :)

If you ever have problems with advanced ATC’s, then you should PM them and solve the issue.

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Many planes were directed to that airport. In a great way, I must add.
So I don’t think that’s the reason.
I sent a couple “You’re welcome” messages.
Still it feels unfair being blaimed for all others to hear when in fact ATC is messing up.

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I had instructed exit runway when able,hold short runway 28. And you started to back taxi on your own when someone was on final. Hence my repeated messages to you to exit the runway because u weren’t cleared to back taxi. U said " ur welcome " twice so my gratitude is I didn’t ghost u


Have we got any pics, that will make life so much easier

Another plane was on short final!

So when another plane was on short final why did u back taxi sir ?


Its good to hear both sides of the story :)

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I noticed the other plane when I turned back. I was busy doing that since I was told to exit the runway.

It sounds to me like the OP wasn’t aware of the hold short at end of runway command and simply thought his only option was to back taxi back to 09 and exit runway.

Hopefully now,he knows…

Did the plane that was on final have to go around/did you make it off the runway in time?

Seems like he didn’t stop in time and saw the plane on short final and thought 😱 Let’s back taxi quickly

I was told to exit the runway and expedite.
Nothing about holding short 28.