Atc mistake/advice?

So today i was in a Lufthansa 747 departing from Denver International to Frankfurt Am Main. I had requested pushback, taxied to runway 34r all good, but when i approached the runway an american 777 was there. I requested takeoff a bit early. I did my normal thing and set up my flaps and trim in the meantime, then i noticed it was taxiing onto the runway in the meantime. The atc just then responeded saying to line up and wait. Just when this giy literally entrered the runway without clearance and started taking off. Even though i was in the right and i should actually be on the runway and this guy should be ghosted, i decided to bw polite and just wait until he took off and request takeoff again. This guy literally took off without even requesting it. After he was in the air i re requested takeoff becuase what just happened and the atc told ME to look at atc instructions. I didnt do anything wrong. I handled the situation properly and diddnt ruin somebody else’s experience. Why am i being told to look at instructions when i wasnt at fault. You told me to line up and wait even when someone was on the runway and confused me. Will i be taken down a rank or something? I really dont want to lose my status and i dont want to be ghosted. The atc was a guy named juan at denver on the expert server. Im really stressed now.


@Juan_Oosthuizen was your controller… You cant PM yet becuse you are TL0 I tagged him for you when he will finish controlling he will PM you If he sees this The best thing is to ask the controller

Also i sent him a messege on our slack so he will probably be in touch with you as soon as possible :)


I have seen stuff similar to this before and just get frustrated because of it and if it was me I would be ghosted within about 5 seconds which is unfair and as if the rules only apply to some compared to others so I just don’t play expert server!

Hope you feel better about it!

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What it sounds like happened is that tower already gave that aircraft ahead of you a takeoff clearance and expected you to line up and wait behind it. Obviously the controller can speak about the specifics, but it helps expedite the line. if you are holding short of the runway, you are causing a delay for the controller.

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And to answer the last part of your question, no you will not lose rank. When ATC is referring you to the forum, it’s just a heads up that you aren’t following correct procedures. If they didn’t ghost you during the incident, you will still have access to the ES.

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Thank you for coming to the right place to find out what went wrong. This is exactly what the check help pages means. The only person that can help you is the controller who was reaching out to you to seek help and guidance. Once you’re TL1 you will be able to message the controller directly rather than making a thread. Big thumbs up for you 👍


This might be your problem, tower told you to line up and wait, the other guy might have taken off without permision but you dont Need to request for takeoff clearence again.


Hello @ia1n_phl

I will take a look at my replay and get in touch with you in a PM;)


Why are you stressed over a check help?

Anyway, two things:

-You never know if the command for takeoff was given to the other plane before you switched frequencies. You’re making an assumption based on less than full knowledge of what comms crossed the frequency before you joined. Assuming that he would just allow a 747 to takeoff and not notice is kind of strange don’t you think.

-There is never a reason to request takeoff more than one time. Whether you were second in line the first time (or in your mind first) or whatever, the first request for takeoff applies until you receive clearance, asking again is spam.



I looked at my replay and I saw a few things. I cleared Qantas 8875 (77W) for take off before you were on the tower frequency. When you switched to the tower frequency and asked for take off I instructed you to line up and wait. You didn’t comply. After he was in the air, as you said, you requested take off for a second time, then I sent you check help pages because I assumed you didn’t know what line up and wait means, and I cleared you for take off

As @mwe2187 said, we use the line up and wait command to expedite departures

Thanks for contacting me! Glad to help


If I was in your situation, I would say ATC instruction triumphs anything. This is Infinite Flight, not real life, so you should taxi onto the runway and wait, even if you go into the other airplane. Just know that you’re doing the right thing.

The person doing the wrong thing will be dealt with, in this case the American 777. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to tell ATC “there’s already an airplane on the runway”, so it would be best to just follow their instructions, nothing else.

Was reported for taxiing through others when I was coming to a stop behind another aircraft I’m parking. The ATC did not give me any warning of traffic and I was clearly coming to a stop behind the closest aircraft. The ATC was Juan at Honolulu Airport today at 17:46 UTC. I worked hard to get to grade 5 and would hate to lose it over a taxiing miscommunication.

@Juan_Oosthuizen Will contact you.You will only lose G5 for a week if the ghosting is not reversed

Thank you!

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@Kingsurfer… MaxSez… “Grade 5” and first out on the Forum… Interesting and Welcome… Fender Bender rule applies here. ATC Ground did its job, you however failed to monitor taxi speed, lost situational awareness and initiated a reportage incident. Clearly Pilot Error. Just saying, Max
(Comment/Response, meet me on PM)

Inspecting the replay I cannot deny that however I can screenshot the moments prior and the exact moment of the report and there was no visual of the aircraft. I am not sure if this is because of a network error but I was operating under visual rules. Again with the luxury of replay I can see the other aircraft tag but again no visual of an actual aircraft. As a side note I am happy to be here, thank you for the welcome. I suppose I am a self learner a bit being new to the forum as a former grade 5.

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I’ve had that experience before. The aircraft in front of me suddenly went offline and disappeared, so I naturally moved forward. Suddenly, he appeared back in his spot, and I immediately pushed back to not get ghosted.