ATC Miss using power

Look at the ATC convention.
This happens today.

Where is the “power abuse”?
You were denied entry, probably due to high traffic amounts.

That’s not abuse. That’s quality over quantity :)


If you have an issue with a specific controller, you can contact them directly.

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This is because the traffic amounts were too high at YYZ to handle pattern work. It seems you departed YYZ and then requested to land at YYZ again. If you would have arrived from another airport further away, you would have been allowed to land.

Hope this helps.


I didn’t do anything tho and they told me they where going to report me

Ok. Thanks

No. The message reads “Follow instructions OR you will be reported”. If you follow the instructions = no report.

Ok. I was given no instructions and Tower knew I was going to Come back. I was doing nothing but flying my route

You were. The instructions were to divert to another airport :) Those are the instructions the last message refers to.

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Ok. I wasn’t given them first. Thanks for helping me. Sorry if it sounded like I made a big deal about it. It’s just I can’t afford another level 3 or 2 violation.

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