ATC Miscommunication!

I took off from YSNW (Nowra Military) yesterday with a flight plan to RCIS (Richmond) staying well outside YSSY (Sydney) airspace to the east and north of it. Shortly after taking off from YSNW I tuned into YSSY approach, but did not announce any intention to land there, only listening to traffic. Approach then contacted me to “Expect vectors for the ILS approach to runway 34R at Richmond.” Uh… there is no runway 34R at Richmond, but ATC did say Richmond, so they read my flight plan. I waited for vectors to Richmond. Then came a series of instructions that brought me down from 15,000 feet to 3,000 feet, with several changes of vector. I finally realized ATC was guiding me into YSSY by mistake, ignoring my flight plan to Richmond, so I requested flight following to Richmond, and received permission to do so. As I headed east out to sea to pick up my nearest flight plan waypoint around YSSY, ATC came back on and said “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions.” Say what? Did I do something wrong here?

Hello @Robert_Summers!

The best thing to do in this case is to send a DM to the controller. Can you please check your replay to see who the controller was?

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Yes, please do what @Transport_Hub said. Also, It’s not the best idea to tune into active frequencies since ATC would expect you to be approaching their airport if you are on their frequency.

I would recommend you request flight following if you’re gonna be on approach so they don’t mistakenly vector you. Lessons learned through experience though

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No, from other replies, I can see that it was my mistake to tune into Approach at an airport I didn’t intend to land at. My bad. Won’t happen again.


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