ATC Misbehaving Pilot

So I was just controlling SFO in the training server. The departure runway was runway 1R. Some guy (I have the username but won’t reveal) asked for pushback and requested runway 10R. I told him pushback approved and taxi to runway 1R. He pushed back, and asked again to taxi to runway 10R, so I told him no, and to taxi to runway 1R. He disregarded my message and started taxing to runway 10R, he then contacted tower during his taxi, then held short 10R. I told him to check the assigned runway… no response. So I did all I could, and ignored him. He waited for 10 minutes, as I kept telling him to check his assigned runway. But here comes the even more juicy part, he eventually tuned out of the tower frequency, lined up without permission, and took off 10R! Outrageous, I told him again and again to contact SFO tower, but he never did. If any IFATC officials want to help me report him, that would be great!


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As it’s Training Server, unfortunately there is nothing you can do.

A lot of pilots on there don’t know what they are doing….

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May I suggest you apply to IFATC to control on Expert Server?

As it is a training server, nothing can be done. A training server is a place for people to learn, whether that is controlling or flying, before they make the step to the Expert server.

Take a look at this link if you’re interested.

Yeah no we can’t help you there.

it’s training server which is basically casual server with system vios

As many members have said above, it’s training server. It’s a place for pilots that’s from Causal get use to ATC instructions, violations, and so on. There’s nothing much we can do, as this is a learning environment for everyone.

I encourage to apply for IFATC. Be sure to meet the requirements before applying. 🙂


Training server is for people to learn how Infinite Flight works. One should utilise the resources and follow the guidelines to become eligible for expert server user. Some people utilise this to maximum extent by acting professionally, while others may spam the frequency. There is nothing to do except to ignore those pilots on training server and let them do whatever they are doing. If at some time they reach expert server by chance and do the same thing, they will be gifted with the violation.
If you want to control ATC and want aircrafts to follow your instructions and behave professionally
, I encourage you to apply for expert server atc through IFATC. Make sure to check if you are eligible to apply :)
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I think the OP gets the point now. Though to add something original, the training server was like 100% casual server this morning when Dan was streaming on training server, and he couldn’t do anything about it either (it was really funny though). That just shows how ridiculous the training server really is

Im afraid there’s absolutely nothing we (IFATC) can do, as has been stated, its the Training server so you’ll get a wide range of compliancy. Train to be an IFATC.

I must say, I do not control big airports on Training Server, even thought I am training to control on the Expert Server, because you get people just going the whole way from pushback to takeoff without contacting you even once!, they also take the whole taxi procedure very not serious, they taxi though grass and terminals. This is why I really want to start controlling on the Expert Server.

For me I can, I can report any player since I’m IFATC but I understand the frustration. These noobs don’t respect the game rules

A little tip I picked up many moons ago is that if people don’t want to play along and simply intend to annoy those trying to practice on training server is simply to ignore them. By ignoring you aren’t giving them the interaction they want and they can either fall into line or continue their own plan if they like without effecting you.

When those are clearly just doing whatever regardless, try using “thank you, good day” followed by “frequency change approved” and allow them to continue whatever they want on unicom. If they continue to spam, just be consistent in your reply - at least you have the upper hand in being polite. You’ll also find that many people will apologise and follow the instructions as at the end of the day they want to play along.

Hope that’s helpful - let me know how it goes ;)


Can you report people even on the training server?

Hello there!
I am pog_3r, an IFATC controller here.
You cannot do anything or us if this happened on the training server.
But a username would be handy so us IFATC will know who they are in the future.

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To answer your question, no controllers are not able to report pilots on the training server as this option was removed as it has previously been abused in the past.

Only IFATC have the ability to report whilst controlling on the Expert Server and a select group of users (IFATC Supervisors, Moderators, Staff) have the ability to report pilots whilst flying.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced this. Since you have a username (that you’ve blanked out), I would strongly suggest sending a PM to the user here on the IFC if you haven’t do so already. If you do decide to do this, make sure that you reach out in a polite and constructive manner, as that’s what will get you the furthest.


Second this. When I used to control on TS (and I did so for years out of some sort of self-sadism compulsion I guess) “thank you, good day” and ignoring worked.

For some they didn’t care because it meant they could take off on the wrong runway or whatever they were doing but for many others the reason they spawned at the airport is to get ATC, so after a few minutes out in the cold they would come crawling back and submit to using the runway in use.

We’d make great parents @CompetitiveDivide320

Typical training pilot


The amount of topics I would have made if I decided to make threads about people crashing into my tower etc.

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