ATC mic clicks

I have noticed when im on ATC, mostly ground freq (playground server) I hear two clicks as if someone is keying the mic when someone new joins my freq. Is this something built in to let you know someone new is with you or what is it?


This happens to me all the time. But then my game crashes or i lag out. Its really anoying

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@Blackbird71 @D_Gee Two clicks sound like a keyed mike an may be a form of check in which I’ve used a a home field that knows me. It’s annoying if your not used to it. Speaking of annoying which may be a little off topic; Really annoying and a daily occurrence: The Ground Controller who 1) send you a guard msg or push back/taxi instruction as you appear on his screen. 2) Or who does’t control the Taxiway and blocks an exit/intersection or off ramp with a line up! Now that’s really annoying. On (1) give a pilot a chance to orient to the field, run the check list, file etc. Don’t call him/Her, they’ll call you! (2) Control the taxiway! your a traffic cop on this procedure, control the flow. Meter the traffic out of the parking area. Towers have there attention on the Flow. Maintained & monitor movement control that what you get payed for! A cattle Shute on the taxiway is bad juju…
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Someone Keying the mic was my first thought. Im just interested to know if thats what it actually is or not

80% of the time the ground controller and tower are the same person in IF. If there is no ground traffic and I have some arrivals/departures I will approve a pushback. Hell I will even tell them what runway to taxi too. The reason is, it never fails, they will contact me all at one time. Two more aircraft will spawn in and I’ll have three pushback request, three incoming and two wanting to departure.

If im doing anything in if live. Flying, Taxiing, at the gate or anything else once i hear two click my game automatically crashes its like a crackily clicking noise

@mhhodges76 When I voluntarily joined the Marines as an infant when time got tough my Gunny told me “They never promised you a rose garden , suck it up” as he kicked me in the A##… Well II hear you and I suggest you “Suck it Up”!
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@Blackbird71… Suggest you move this Topic to “Bugs” it will get Dev attention faster there. Just Sayin, Max Sends

The thing with moving it to bugs is you need to be able to re create it and in 99% of the bug reports on here its not “bugs” as set out in the bug guidelines for the fourm

That’s funny because I was gonna tell you the same thing. If you get a little “pushback approved” message before asking just confirm and keep on keeping on!

P.S. We (wear) the same size boots…😉

Its not my topic