ATC metric based altitudes (eg. China RVSM)

This feature request is basically about implementing metric based altitudes in IF in ATC instructions. A few countries in Asia use metric altitudes below RVSM, and China uses metric-based altitudes even in RVSM. The implementation is straight forward - just add them to the list of altitudes when in the metric airspace. Pilots will still fly them in feet.

There will be some issues related to compatibility with the current separation rules. Due to rounding, some lower levels will be separated only by 900ft. These can be worked around by reducing the separation requirement within metric airspace to 900ft. Another issue is inactive aircraft causing metric and imperial altitudes to mix (until climb VNAV is implemented at least). Between 290 and 411, this can be solved by treating 290 and 291, 300 and 301, etc. as the same altitude. Higher altitudes are pretty similar (430 is in both metric and imperial, treat 449 and 450, 469 and 470, etc. as the same). Lower altitudes are more complicated however, because the next altitude below 291 is 276 in metric. There could be a rule that an aircraft needs to be active when entering/leaving metric airspace below FL290 to avoid this problem (or alternatively, allow an AFK VNAV descent).

Another question is whether metric or feet based messages should be sent in ATC. Metric messages are more realistic, but they can also get confusing. One solution is to put the equivalent feet FL in the ATC menu.

That’s awesome, you got my vote!

I’m out of votes but you’ve got my full support! Would sure be nice to add some realism

The majority of the world uses imperial for speed/alt, so I don’t understand why changing the whole world (or just these countries) for a few in Asia would be necessary, its also very difficult to change this because you have to add a special rule for the pre-described asian countries, and make a rule for when they exit, also as far as I can tell some other systems (eg. weather), would just break down.

It isn’t changing the whole world, just changing the ATC for airports in countries that uses the metric system

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You have my vote!

At a minimum I think 290-410 should become 291-411 in China. Literally the only rule needed is to ask ATC to treat xx0 and xx1 as the same level for separation purposes.

But the IFC team would have to make a way for the aircraft to know its in china, and have special rules for china, and if I understand correctly most other systems would breakdown because the metar (which is used by IFC weather system) is in imperial.

No… China RVSM altitudes are metric based but are flown in feet. The only change necessary is to change the list of altitudes for aircraft that are over China BTW this probably would be automatically decided by the app anyways.

Just wanted to bump this because of how many Chinese liveries have been added recently.
BTW, I should note that the metric altitudes do not apply on the airways between Southeast Asia and Hong Kong through Hainan airspace.

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