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Is there a message for training Server that ‘ follow instructions or you will be gosted’.

It is impossible to ghost on the training server. But to answer your question, I think it is only on the expert server.


I know but people are not following directions or is there a message to tell them follow directions??

No, there is not.

Oh there should be because people are not following directions I hope IF moderator add a button for it!!

Their was before but they got rid of it

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I was thinking of it I know there was because I remember once a aircraft was not following directions and I said the message ‘ follow directions or you will be gosted’ and I wasn’t even in IFATC!!

They are only learning.Give them some time to brush up on some of there ATC skills :)

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That is false, only a few people can ghost on Training Server, mostly Moderators. Ghost on TS is very extremely rare and there are reasons for Mod to ghost them, mostly inappropriate callsign.

That would be in Approach, but some time ago that command was also available in tower, but it was later removed.
I also get a lot of people that come to my airspace and do nonsense but i try to cope with it because well it’s training server, they’re supposed to be learning, not getting ghosted or threatened

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