ATC messages help

``Hello if you have a quastion about ATC messages I can help you maybe

Help is never far away here 😀
Do you need help or do you offer help?

I think he is saying that he can help those with questions about ATC messages.

From my understanding, let me re-write what I think the sentence is saying:

“Hello of you have a guastion about ATC messages I maby can help you”

“Hello those of you who have a question about ATC messages, I maybe can help you.”

Correct me if I’m wrong pls.

Long live the DC-9!

@DS2001 Dylon, thanks for the offer. At 13 your already showing the Eagles you got the Right Stuff. Always step up. Remember in life you must “Lead, Follow or get out of the way”! Never get out of the way, with a little more seasoning you’ll be a Leader some day. Warm Regards, Mad Max Sends

What is a radar vector ? And when do i contact the departure frequency

Blackbird I have send an message to you

My english isn’t very well

If someone has a question about ATC messages, he or she can ask it to the whole community.

From what I can see here and in your previous posts, your English is not very easy to understand. So maybe it’s not the best idea to ask it to you.

I know it I want to do sometink

You mean you know lot about ATC and you want to share the knowledge? Hey no prob. You can post some picture,diagram and charts. 👍

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