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Why is the message “Request frequency change” not “Requesting frequency change”? It just seems like bad grammar, and I’ve noticed it since day 1.

For ex.

Delta 48 request frequency change.

Delta 48 requesting frequency change.

See? The second one sounds more grammatically correct.

The first (and current) one sounds like a command given by ATC, when in fact it’s coming from the pilot’s end.

That not bad grammar

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It’s just what you would say in real life

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A bit ironic?

Don’t ask me…?

No, you wouldn’t say that in real life. Maybe if you’re in a rush, but usually no.

You wouldn’t say Papa 1 (P1) requesting frequency change. You would just say P1 request frequency change. Pretty simple to understand

I’m sorry but the first one you said sounds far better. I’ve never heard of an instance where you would say “request” frequency change.

It’s sounds better I agree but it’s just an airplane language 😉

You can say it however you want, but there is not any FAA or ATC regulation that states you must say it that way.

Because of the fact that you can say it whichever way you want, I say we favor the grammar-side. And hey, maybe it was just a typo - or it may have been intentionally put that way.

Yep, that sounds what most likely would happen.

Although the second one (as referred by in the main post) does sound better in a grammatical sense than the first, when I say them both out loud, I find that I prefer the first one. It just has a nice ring to it, as opposed to adding an extra “ing” to the end.

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Caution Real World Experience talking…

Request Frequency Change is verbatim what the book says. It eliminates unnecessary noises leaving your mouth. Pilots request frequency changes, height changes, heading changes - the works. Its very rare that the “ing” gets bolted on the end.

Every letter is pronounced using he phonetic alphabet, with the worlds worth of different languages, accents and terminology: this negates that. We also have certain ways of pronouncing numbers such as;
One - Wun
Two - Too
Three - Tree
Four - Fower
Five - Fife
Six - Six
Seven - Seven
Eight - Eight
Nine - Niner
Ten - Ten.

Questions? Direct to me.


As a pilot myself, it simplifies communication and is easy to remember. You don’t want to say American 1 overhead at 2000ft requesting entry to 20L for example. You would just say American 1 is overhead. Then the controller will know what you mean instead of saying a lot of unnecessary information. The controller will tell u what runway progressively

I personally think requesting frequency change sounds like requesting climb to FLXXX, just my opinion.

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