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While sitting at the tarmac at TJSJ I got this weird message: “16:33: American 715, you’re in an active airspace, please contact Princess Juliana Tower on 118.70”

Are you on training server?

No. Expert server.

Probably misclick.

That’s strange, because the IFATC region for today is nowhere near TJSJ, or TNCM where that call came from.

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Just checked, it was on training server. @MrMrMan

Ah, okay then. :)

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This was on training server.

The training server is where people are learning about ATC so if you are not supposed to be on that frequency you can ignore it for now.


Just had something strange on Expert Server today. This is known issue, but made me quit the flight.

Approach at EHAM told me to contact Amsterdam Tower. When I tried to contact there was no Tower channel (APP and DEP only were visible for me).

I heard same story from my friend. Unfortunately the only way is to leave the flight, otherwise you will be ghosted by ATC for not contacting frequency frequency. The was the first time I’ve experienced this.

@Chris_S do you have any ideas what else I and others can do in situations like that?

How far out were you? It could have been a controller change but I have heard of it happening before.

Just follow the flow and don’t interfere. If it is busy you can divert or hold and try to see if you can connect. Sometimes you may have better luck to try to connect using the map instead of the headset icon.

If you do get a request to change frequencies and its not available, be sure to take a snapshot of your freq list as it helps us narrow down what happened for the devs and so we can reverse a report if you get ghosted.


I’ve had the same issue as well. It usually happens when approach and T&G are active, and Tower goes offline, then it won’t update sometimes, and the app will still think the Tower is active.

Have had it happen to me a couple of times now as well. Not sure if it 's a known issue.

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APP sent to me to Tower right before the start of the glide path, so it was around 10-12nm from the airport. I was recording the approach, but unfortunately it didn’t save because of the error 😞

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