ATC Menu Idea

Hello IFC,
This idea came to me a time ago when I was controlling a very busy airport and I have been speaking to other controllers about this who have had similar experiences etc,

  • This might be unnecessary but I was thinking this could increase efficiency when controlling a ground frequency etc that is very busy for example when you need to focus on the tower freq more often…

  • So, when you press on the green reply option at the top or bottom of the menu you get a selection of options to reply to the pilot but at the moment you can only give a pilot a clearance, not a "hold short of runway ** or hold position etc as seen below

  • My tiny feature request is just for (if applicable) a hold short of runway or hold position/other options to not give a clearance etc to be added to the quick green reply list as well to save time etc so you don’t need to go to the other section of the ATC menu to issue a instruction to not clear a pilot instead

  • Interested on what you guys think about this idea?

-If you think this is absolutley unnecessary and should be closed I completely understand as this was just an idea and I have never created a feature before…

But if not, I would appreciate a vote :)

Kind regards
Luke M

In your first picture there’s button that says “hold short…” that then gives the runways and you select the one you want then to hold short of. Maybe I missed something with your question but that’s what you were asking for?

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What i’m suggesting here is that i’m thinking it could be faster if part of the hold short section and other instructions of the ATC menu could also be added to the quick reply green CROSS RUNWAY… menu as well -
As at the moment you can only select clearances when you click on the green CROSS RUNWAY…


Voted! This would definitely help us when the airport is busy 😊

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This would help so much. You got my vote.


so you are saying for few scenarios.

  1. pilot request pushback. we only get pushback approved in quick selection not hold position.
  2. same with taxi.
  3. on tower when pilot requeat takeoff. only clearance is there. Hold short, LUAW. should be there in green quick selection.

Perfect. Out of votes. but ypu got my virtual vote. would be great addition.


Thanks :)

  • Yep thats exactly what I’m suggesting and it could also be for cross runway with the hold short instruction as well…
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