ATC menu glitch


Is it normal when I try to open the ATC menu during flight and it blocks my entire screen? When it blocks the screen, I am unable to close it and I have to restart the app.

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Could you share your device and OS please. Sort of important to this issue.

Hey there!

This is not normal behavior, but it is known and tracked internally. In the meantime, you could tune into a nearby airport’s Unicom, if available, and send a message to get the menu to close. Additionally, I’d recommend turning off auto-rotation if enabled, as that’s known to trigger this issue.

In addition to what Fourthnebula said above, could you please specify your screen zoom setting?

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What if there are no airports nearby and have no frequency to tune into?

How do I find the auto rotation settings and screen zoom settings?

my device is a poco f3 and android version 13

Auto-rotate should be accessible through your quick panel by sliding down from the top of the screen. It’s a lock with an arrow pointing clockwise on your device.

Screen zoom should be somewhere in Settings → Display. The auto-rotate setting is exposed there, too.

It happened again.

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