ATC Menu Glitch

Yesterday, after installing the hotfix, I controlled on the expert server and kept noticing this glitch. Sometimes when I pressed on an aircraft on the map, the ATC menu would appear very small in the bottom right hand corner. The only way to fix this is to press off the menu and back on the aircraft. Usually this fixes it.
For info, I’m on an iPad Pro 12.9 2018 and using iOS 14.3.

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I’ve had this issue once in a while for almost a year now, no biggie. Your solution is my solution.

That’s weird, I never had this issue before the hotfix.

I didn’t experience this before the hotfix either but now do. It’s not that frequent or inconvenient though.

iPad Air 3rd gen
iOS 14.2

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I have had the same issue but if you just close it and re open it you should be good to go hence what you have already said.

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