ATC menu blocks instruments

Not sure if this is already noted and ongoing to be fixed, but the ATC menu currently blocks the live instruments in the A320 on phones. Switching to FO does not help. Not only is this annoying, it clearly violates the saying “aviate navigate communicate”. This is especially a problem when annoucing pattern legs since patterns are often flown manually.


Can you provide us with some screenshots so we can help?

You can move this to #live as it isn’t a problem which requires support.

You’ve stated this on another thread. However I do not see it as a problem and I haven’t seen many others complain about it. Majority of the time you will have the atc menu only open for a second or two to reply to commands or to request any.


There’s no fix

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Anything command or control related is rendered on top. The only solution is to close the ATC window when you are done.

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I’m a little unclear on this part… how does the ATC menu blocking the instruments go against this? Unless you’re looking solely at the instruments during your flight, it seems like you could just open the ATC menu, press the button, and continue.


The atc menu blocks the entire left half of my screen so it’s quite a bit harder to notice if the aircraft starts to roll or pitch up and down, especially at night when the horizon is hard to see

How long do you have the AP menu open for? It only takes a few seconds to send a command.


IMO a few seconds could be enough to be a problem

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In real life, pilots need to look away for more than a few seconds to do various tasks very often, so if anything this simulates realism more. 😁

Edit: This is also coming from someone with under 5 flight hours IRL.

Well, all you’re suppose to be using really during descent is the AP. Using the AP altitude, speed buttons you can easily set up an approach using the ATC menu. Then, during approach while ATC has cleared you for the inbound, you can simply switch it off, and continue your landing like you normally do.

I personally sometimes play on my iPhone 7, and a solution to this is to press on the ATC menu only when you need to reply to a command.

I don’t see this as a huge issue. If they make the Menu bar smaller, than you’ll complain how hard it is to read just like how you complained how hard it is to see the PFD…

look away when hand flying though? The ATC menu literally blocks half the screen

There is a lot of blank space in the ATC menu though (and also maybe it could be moved to somewhere else on the screen)

IRL you can feel if the plane configuration is changing (especially speed and pitch). In IF you cannot.

Not necessarily. You’re doing something wrong if a few seconds in an ATC menu can make such a huge difference. Small differences you wouldn’t be able to feel IRL, especially in an Airbus, where if you the stick commands a G-Load, and so if you don’t move it they will be no change in what you feel.

Even at a neutral position it will maintain 1G, which will require some change in control surfaces unless you are perfectly trimmed, and you wouldn’t feel this as you are still at 1G.

a phones is most likely to move around slightly though (when usingthe atc menu)

Does it? I’ve never had this problem before
Edit: I just realised I’m on an iPad and the autopilot is displayed differently on one side

lol obviously on an ipad it’s fine. This is abouth the HUD and instruments anyways, not the AP

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