ATC menu and steering gear bug

Hi, my ATC menu keeps flickering when I click on on it so that means I can barely talk or respond to ATC and my steering gear is constantly spinning even when I’m not touching any controls whilst on mp however whilst on solo the steering gear is fine

I would definitely recommend a device restart if this is a major issue.
Poor internet connection could also be a cause.
Is it like this in the replay?

Ah, I’ve had this issue on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 while playing IF

I could never fix this issue. But have a try at re-installing IF.

If it doesn’t work it could be internet connection, or a un-supported/ Device which cannot run IF.

Just looked at the replays and it looks fine, I have reinstalled the app and it is still the same I also have restarted my tablet and it made no difference my internet connection is ok so I don’t know.

Sounds like there are two pieces here.

The flickering is one issue which a reboot or reinstall may fix.

The locking of controls has been around for a while. Usually it happens to me when I am steering on the ground and then hit the menu. Opening the menu will “lock” the other control so I am stuck turning until I close the ATC screen.

Rebooting or reinstalling does not solve the issue.

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Yeah I suppose it could be a device issue but idk

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Try the steps which Chris_S has listed above and if that doesn’t work then it is unfortunately a device issue

Here is a replay of what I did about 10mins ago

And this is the tablet

If you can do a screen recording that would help. Replays do not show your ATC menu and if it is flickering it would not show on a replay.

I suggest rebooting first and if that doesnt help then to reinstall.

I’ve had the same issues on my previous device, especially with FNF’s. My ATC-box was glitching around and even the screen was sometimes freezing. My tablet had 32GB’s of RAM. Maybe you should try an another device with a higher RAM. My present tablet has 64GB and is running like clockwork…

Try taking a look at this screen recording I didn’t do the atc window only the steering gear

Ok please uninstall and re-install.

Please note that uninstalling will remove any replays to please save any you don’t want to lose.

Ok then I will do that

The issue is still unresolved

Hello? Anyone able to help or am I just stuck with this?

How much memory do you currently have available on your tablet?

I have 2GB of Random Access Memory

I get flickering ATC menu if my HUD map is on. If I turn that off it is stable. I use old device so need to find workarounds. Sometimes cockpit view will make my ATC menu flash on and off so I avoid that view too.

Is your device damaged at some point? Screen crack, bends… Please state us if your device was damaged slightly at some point before.