ATC May have forgotten me?

Currently doing a flight from MMMD to MMUN and initially I contacted ATC for an approach into MMUN (Cancun) and I was given a heading of 170° and an altitude of 9000ft. I suspect the controller may have forgotten about me. I have use the ‘check in’ message and also tried again to ask for an approach into the airport again but no reply. I am currently 80nm from Cancun and I am wondering what to do?

In really busy airspaces occasionally ATC can forget about someone. Even after if you check in and ask for another approach and they’re still ignoring you, it may be best to divert and PM the controller after you land to find out what happened.


I’m on my way back to MMMD.

It happened to me only once, heading to TNCM… i ended up miles from the melee (soooo many aircrafts…) and decided to divert to an airport nearby!


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