ATC map should display the hold oval +

It would be nice if the ATC map displayed a fixed minimum size hold oval for all holds. I say minimum size oval because pilot holds are sized based on speed. That’s not necessary on the ATC map, so a fixed size oval will work fine. We just want to know if pilots are reasonably close to the hold.

Adding someone to an existing hold would be accomplished as follows. Click and hold on the aircraft you want to add and drag them to anywhere inside an existing hold. When you release the drag, select hold and they will be given the heading to fly to the south turn entry and the hold oval will be displayed there.

Finally, clicking on any aircraft in the hold would bring up a drop down list of selectable aircraft currently in the hold, sorted by altitude. This will facilitate dropping aircraft altitudes in the hold.

Great Idea! You have my vote!

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Thought about this while holding at MMMX.
Has my vote!

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You’ve been churning out some great requests over the past few days, some of which even I myself thought of.

Great Request!

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I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is… I created a few tools for IF, and one of them is a radar simulator. The simulator includes a hold function that operates the way I suggested in this feature request, and was used to create the following video demonstration. The video is sped up in the middle and end to keep the length reasonable. Enjoy…

Here’s a link to the tools…

Here’s a link to the video demonstrating the hold feature…

To clarify how planes enter the hold, I edited a screenshot of the hold below. Basically, when a plane is vectored to the hold, a vector is generated that will drop it onto a circle tangent with the south turn entry point, with a radius equal to the south turn. They stay on that circle until they pass through the south turn entry point. You can see that in the video with the plane that was SE of the hold. He had to turn and acquire the vector, then follow the circle to the entry point, the diamond.