ATC Map problem


I have read about the same problem from other users before but I haven’t seen a solution for this. I have literally tried everything just like anyone else (ereasing the app, clean the cache, turned off my phone etc… But I still can’t get the map to turn up on the ATC. It looks like I am observing but it’s not. As u can see on the pic it doesn’t say “(OBS)” it says “(…)” what can I do? image

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Try a different airport/frequency and see if it happens there too.

Are you using a VPN?
What device are you on?

iPhone 7 plus, i have tried serveral diffirent airports. What is a VPN?

A VPN is a private network.

Ok let us look into something on our side. Hang tight.

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Oh ok, yes i am using a VPN.

My home WiFi is a private network… not VPN :)

@JoeHaddad - unless you see a “VPN” symbol in the top of your display, you’re most likely not using one :)


I have that problem it’s when someone else logs in at the same time as you when the map doesn’t come up because they are already there so you have to pick a different airport. Also when it flashes green numbers in the top its a sign someone already logged on there.

Oh… then there’s something else going on sorry

Normally it will show as (Obs.) instead of (…) if this happens


I see, so how can I fix the problem? Is there something I should do right now or just wait? :)

I’d wait for @Chris_S to finish investigating the issue.

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We are looking at it from our end. No action is needed by you at this time.

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My IF subscription is ending today and I might not be able to renew it anytime soon so I was just wondering if it will take a long time for my ATC problem to be fixed?

Thank you

As of now you can’t say for sure but I think it’s going to take how ever long they need to root the problem most likely

Shouldn’t a server reset solve the problem?

We’re looking into it.

Sorry for the delay!

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Had the same issue after trying to start a recording. PAJN

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As stated above they are looking into it :)

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While you’re waiting, have you logged in as a pilot and restarted? Generally this kicks me out of whatever frequency the server thinks I’m on without a server reset.

No guarantee, but it works for me pretty much always. There’s a chance it is something different here, but worth a try