ATC map not showing all planes

So basically I don’t see all planes on ATC map, yet i get messages from them and they can be seen on liveflight, as demonstrated on the picture.

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@Alexander_Nikitin Try exiting restarting the app and the device and if that doesn’t work try uninstalling the app and reinstalling

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It tends to happen to me when I have a bad connection, or when there are to many planes in the area. It just gets laggy and bugs out.

Connection is 272mb/s for download, 147mb/s for upload and 2ms ping, so i don’t think it can’t be the cause

Did you try what I said above

Is there is an extremely large amount of aircraft in a small area, there is a known bug that makes some aircraft seem to disappear. This was seen at times such as when there was an FNF in NYC. The traffic amount was unreal.


Totally forgot about that one. Can totaly be true, since i haven’t played for more than a year and i started controlling right after i bought the subscription.

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Well that’s ok

yep, it worked. Thank you for reminding me the infinite flight troubleshooting 101 (no sarcasm).

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