ATC / Map A380 Bug

I’m pretty new so I hope this is the right category but I just taxied with an Emirats A380 in VABB and the Ground ATC gave me instructions on how to taxi to Runway 27. The pink line on the minimap showed me a taxiway that I drove (Instructions were via H, M7, N1, N3 and N1) and then I followed the pink line on the minimap which guided me via the runway to the very beginning of the runway. I wasnt sure what to do and just followed the pink line on the map but suddenly received a Level 3 Violation since the pink line guided me apparently on a runway. Is there any way to see the guidance now after I got disconnected? In the replay it doesnt show the pink line anymore, just the ATC instruction.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi @finnwattchow ,

@Magician was your controller, you can DM him if you’re trying to appeal, however looking at your ATC log, it doesn’t look like you were given permission to enter the runway.

Even when given taxi guidance, you still need to request approval to cross/ line up on a runway. You didn’t contact tower before entering, this is most likely the reason for the violation.

I don’t believe that taxi guidance shows up on a replay, hence why you cannot see it.


heyy there, I dont wanna appeal, its fine, I am just confused about the taxi guidance - actually I was able to rejoin and went to the same airport to reproduce it and I got the same guidance via the runway again (see screenshot). I think it isn’t supposed to guide via the runway, is it? 😄

thank you for the help in advance <3

Hello @finnwattchow,

Please send a message to Appeals via [this link](Infinite Flight Community) in case you feel that your violation was issued unfairly.

Make sure to add your replay to the message so the Appeals Team can help you out.

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From my knowledge, it is supposed to. You still will need permission to enter the runway though, regardless of taxi guidance or not.


Thanks for the report.

If you do want to appeal, then you can do so.

In the meantime, this information is being passed onto the ATC mods to hopefully ensure that it doesn’t guide you into the runway in future.

I’d recommend though being constantly aware. Make sure you don’t enter a runway unless you have permission from ATC, even if the taxi guidance tells you to. Contact ATC to request a runway crossing, and they can guide you from there 🙂

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okayy my bad, maybe I was just confused about the very sharp U-turn at the end of the runway 😄 have a nice weekend everyone, i think we can close the topic!

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