ATC manual pdf

I want to print the Introduction | Infinite Flight is there a pdf somewhere?


No, I unfortunately do not believe there is. Unless someone inside IFATC has a PDF copy lying around ready to share it, which I doubt.

Perhaps you could shoot a PM to one of the ATC trainers, recruiters or managers/supervisors. For as far as I can see there isn’t one, but who might know what’s hidden in the IF archive’s ;))

There is no PDF of the ATC manual.

The ATC manual undergoes periodic updates since a clearer way of explaining something or new procedures as they are incorporated. If you really need to print it out for your convenience try doing this using features of your own preferred web browser.

Good morning,
I have made myself a pdf by copying what was on the web, what happens is that it is in Spanish but if you want I pass it to you privately and you translate it.

If youre on ios you. Can open every page and take a screenshot then click full oage on the bottom

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