ATC Manual Clarification Request

This has always made me kind of chuckle to myself, as a, primarily, ATC player and a proponent of some more improved form of inter-communication for ATC.

In Section 2.1.1 of the ATC Manual it says, “Once [your station is] open, liaison must be made with the other Controllers to determine runway selection for departures and arrivals…”

My simple request for clarification here is… how?
I understand that on the ES there is an available ATIS controller role which (should be on the TS too but) allows you to determine runway selection for departures and arrivals, but how are we supposed to liaison with any other Controller, whatsoever?

There should be either some separate interface similar to the one used to communicate with planes, or dare I say, a chat window for controllers to communicate to each other. If Infinite Flight aims for realism, than why aren’t players (who would realistically be either in a tower with each other or a simple phone extension away) able to communicate with each other?
It can be stressful for a ground controller trying to taxi planes across runways to do so confidently without knowing if Tower is going to send that line up and wait barreling down the runway towards your plane at the same time you clear them to cross. Depending on my work load and/or my confidence in the pilot’s ability to understand what I’m attempting to ask them to do (yes, some of us look at your stats before deciding how to handle you), I will sometimes tell them to hold short and then to contact tower. I can only hope they understand to swap over and have Tower clear them to cross.
This isn’t a feature request, but an argument for why I need clarification on this point in the ATC Manual.

I’m not IFATC but I’m guessing they liason through the IFATC Discord channel.

How about Controllers on the TS?

We all have communications regarding everything while controlling, that way we ensure a good service quality. After opening different frequencies we all know what’s is going to be used or what is going to happen while the session is ongoing. No worries, controllers on ES wont make you crash into someone else ;).

IFATC have their own Discord Server where all IFATC are required to report open and close on a specific channel.

The same exist for TS but unfortunately, is no IFVARB approved so I cannot advertise here 🤷🏼‍♂️

Maybe even this message will be erased…

Hello, Drew! Great question. The simplest reason here is that the manual is specifically intended for the IFATC team and the governing reference for our Expert Server controllers. While it does contain a ton of helpful info and rules to help you succeed, Training Server controllers don’t have to follow all of the guidance outlined there, specifically the more administrative stuff like what you’ve identified.

Perhaps one day we’ll have more advanced methods of internal communication. It’s one of the key components of an effective air traffic operation regardless of airspace or airport.



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