ATC @ London Heathrow [Closed]

Come test my skills at London Heathrow.
Departing Runway: 27R
Arriving Runway: 27L
Pattern Altitude: 1500ft
Transition Altitude: 3000ft

1500 ft is too low

Not really actually.

1500 ft AAL is standard pattern altitude for a 737 and completely fine to do. It isn’t too low.

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Perhaps he’s just too used to Singapore’s 2500ft

actually it is 3000 and 777 are 7000. if you don’t do what I say you will hit a mountain

no. It’s 3000

That’s for normal departures lol

it is 3000 for pattern too

Er no… Actually pattern is 2000ft

I’m just drunk, 2500ft is actually for VFR

Pattern altitude is 3000 or 7000ft? Where are you getting this from?

He’s drunk… He confused standard IFR initial climb with pattern altitude

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Lol, 1500 is perfectly fine.

You should write closed when you actually close

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