ATC Log not in chronological order

It seems like the ATC Log is not in chronological order, in particular the message when the control announces airfield closure. Here’s a picture to explain it better:

As you can see the timings of the last two messages are off by 40 minutes. I can reproduce such a bug with every device only when the controller announces the airfield closure.

I have restarted Infinite Flight, restarted my device and attempted to change the time from automatic to manual in settings, neither of which solve the issue.

Tested on:

  • iPhone 7 (iOS 1.2.1)
  • iPad Pro (iOS 10.1.1)

I am aware there is already a topic in Support on this issue however it has not been resolved and automatically closed.


Thanks for the report. We will look into it and resolve when able! :)



Looks like dude just hit the wrong button, since it was all in the same minute.


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