ATC Log Entry Issue

Yesterday I was flying from PHOG to PHNL when I noticed a strange entry in the ATC Log.

When I spawned at PHOG, Ground sent the message in questen about closing in 2 minutes.
That message was still there when I was being vectored in by PHNL Approach about 22 minutes later, right in the middle of recent entries.

I’ve search the forum but couldn’t find anything about something like this.
Is this a know thing?


This has happened to me several times as well.

I’m confused as to the issue. Your ATC log displays all communication from ATC to you for the entire session. Therefore it wouldn’t go away until you end your flight.

Edit: Disregard, I see what you mean now. The ground message is among your approach vectors, apologies.


I have had this glitch a few times in the past, not sure what causes it, I will continue looking and will report back if I find something

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