ATC Log/Audio Error

I‘m not sure if it’s already known, but better post something twice instead of never. I haven’t found another topic though.

Here’s the situation:
I’m flying as MCH-98. I’m listening to Atlanta Approach and I’m also reading the log of every single ATC conversation. United 68 requested a visual approach and was instructed to report the airport inside. Approach clears United 68 for the visual approach, runway 26L.

Here’s what the conversation sounds and looks like to me, as a third person monitoring the frequency.

United 65:
Airport in sight, United 65.

Atlanta Approach:
United 65, cleared for the visual approach, runway 26L

United 65:
Maintain current altitude until established on the localizer. Cleared ILS approach runway 26L.

So instead of Cleared for the visual approach, runway 26L, United 65 the log shows the message for an ILS approach. The audio also plays the wrong message. If you’re the pilot beeing cleared for the visual, you hear the right message. This error only occurs when you’re monitoring the frequency as a third pilot. It’s happening on every Approach frequency with every airplane that is cleared for a visual approach.

What is your IF version?

18.1. I updated to the newest version directly after it was available. Here’s the version I see in the „About“ Tab of the App:
18.1.6646.22389 - iPad7

As I said, If ATC clears me for visual approach, and I confirm it, I see and hear the right message. I only see and hear the wrong one when another plane confirms its visual clearance.

You’re on the expert server I presume?

I was on Expert, yes.

Regardless I haven’t heard of this issue since beta. Restart your device. If that doesn’t work re install the app. That’s not how it should sound, and I haven’t experienced this since beta like I said.

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